Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Day at the Park

The family came to to the office to pick Jon up for lunch. They loved seeing Daddy during a work day! Here they are after arriving in Jon's work.

Here "The J's" are posing in Jon's office.

The five kids sitting on a wall after eating lunch. 
Whatcha pointing at, Josh?

Syndi taking Josh for a spin in the tire swing. 
He doesn't look too sure about this.

Syndi & Jules.
Aren't they cute?!?!

Junior gliding on a mini zip line. He's sure having fun.

Pretty Momma looking after her kids.

Joshua sliding down the slide. He's sure going fast. 

Smile, everybody!

But, all things have to end, including park trips. 
It was a fun day, especially since Daddy got to come with us.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Mako Mania Swim Meet 2012

In March Syndi went to the Mako Mania Swim Meet. 
She has been swimming for the Three Rivers Swim Club
(TRSC) for about a year-and-a-half now. This meet 
was held in Dalton High School.
Here she is racing in the 50 yard backstroke. 
She got a time of 44.37 seconds.
Stephen came along for the day to cheer his sister on.
Stevie, Syndi, and Jon were there to enjoy the races.
Now Syndi is racing in the 50 yard breaststroke.
This is her favorite stroke, and she got a time of
56.27 seconds!
Coach Coville (the man in a green shirt at the table)
has taught Syndi a lot about stroke technique. 
It was a fun day for everyone, especially Syndi.
This was her second time going to this meet.

All of Syndi's events and times were:
100 Yard Freestyle -- 1 minute 40.62 seconds
50 Yard Backstroke -- 44.37 seconds
50 Yard Breaststroke -- 56.27 seconds
100 Yard Individual Medley* -- Disqualified

*100 Yards of Individual Medley is 25 yards Butterfly, 25 Yards Backstroke,
25 Yards Breaststroke, and 25 Yards Freestyle.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Disney Vacation ~ Day 2

We got an early start on Day 2.
We took a boat to the Grand Floridian...
...were we had a character breakfast reservation.
We docked and were offloaded...
...and made our way to the Grand Floridian.
It was quite beautiful...
...with beautiful fountains out front.
As we waited in line, the took our picture.
Before long the kids started seeing some characters they recognized.
Julia happily went and gave Pooh a hug!
Even Junior was a little mesmerized... Syndi sucked in the whole atmosphere.
Junior gave Tigger a hug!
Tigger joined the family for a picture...
...before giving Julia a hug.
The girls got pictures with Ms. Doolittle, of My Fair Lady...
...and Alice, from Wonderland...
While we men chilled with the Mad Hatter.
Pooh Bear!
T-I-Double G-Rrrrr!
Syndi posed in the center of the Grand Floridian... did Daddy.
It was a pretty cool place.
Daddy hangin' with the boys.
A return trip to the fountain.
Jules being a cutie!
She was fascinated by the fountain.
Stephen and Julia traipsed though the palm-treed grounds.
Then our ship came in!
We waited to board...
...and then rode, to our hotel room.
It felt like home. We wanted to move in.
We changed and headed to the pool for a swim.
Julia attempts to lift Daddy from his relaxed position.
Stephen had a blast in the water!
Syndi had a blast in the water!
Junior had a blast in the water!
I think we all quite enjoyed it.
We were at the tennis resort.
The little guys were posed at play in the courtyard...
...and our little guys loved climbing all over them!
Lanette came back to join us on day 2.
Synchronized statue climbing?
Point that toe, Junior!
Syndi about to get hit by giant falling tennis balls!!!
Ah, dinner!
We had a free meal plan, and we were very impressed with all we got!
After dinner, we went to the Winter Summerland miniature golf.
Junior chilled at the RV...
...while Stevie tried to score a goal...
...and Daddy tried to ignite a miniature volcano...
...while Julia climbed everything...
...and Mommy navigated through strewn hockey sticks.
The kids had a lot of fun...
...and Lanette kept us company.
Junior made a good shot!
...or found his ball after a bad one...
I'm not sure which...
Fun, but it took a loooong time.
We posed for a group shot...
...and then headed "home" for bed at the end of day 2.